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Времени: возрастания, убывания.
Тема: 533 - ALSO.
Сообщений: 2, За период 06.03.2004 - 08.03.2004
08.03.2004 00:58:26   ( 1420 ) #2039
Пример того "как не надо делать" - все предыдущие сообщения этого "пользователя" удалены, это оставлено в назидание... Заодно для него немного "перекрыт кислород" (пока только в форуме), при повторении возможны и более активное противодействие.
06.03.2004 07:58:35   ( 1418 )
thans for all our beloved family in ukraine who sllep well until we work ok...blessed be holy ukraine in many towns from khmelnitsky, to irmino in lugans, to chemer in kozelts... thans god we have not just very wise computer without heart, but also we have some people around with open mind and sweet heart... thank you very very much to many of our invisible and unknoving people in kiev and in lviv. who rule us to that point...we have very happy news to all that selo chemer , will be soon very bigest million billons dollars some way fly to ukraine... life soon will be very happy to all. no more poor people will be around. just wow... great... it is privilege to live in ukraine. body who love poor devil...everyone look for the own way... hey, where you will go from, from argentina to new york to ukraine to pochaev and to kiev to chernogov to chemer...and in chemer we will start to make our temple... so are you with me or not... if so, then fuck off just help to me to find that chemer...god, i seen you dont understand what i need... just fiind chemer and in your forum give to us your links....if we go to chemer or if we fly to shemer... it look like one man he by a ticket from anapa to murmans, but in spirit world that line have no link and this man come in to cosmos only...god...death line... ok. blessed be that who sleep have no link.what do i do....oh poor devil.

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